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So I remember back in the spring how everyone was freaking out about Kindle Worlds and what this would do to the world of fanfiction, but I haven't heard anything from it since then. Perhaps it didn't affect us as much as we thought it would? And what's funny, if you look at the comments of some of the stories that were published, you can see that the people buying them clearly don't understand what fanfiction is:

I was never sure what happened here! It was very short, but I couldn't get in to it! Them [sic] it was over, still confused

This was not a complete book. It was the length of a chapter. Rip off! It was not a complete book.

Not sure what the point of this short story was. It wasn't even a story as there never unfolded anything. No conflict, no resolution, no suspense, no fun. Felt like a rough draft, but at least the writing was decent.

I am completely confused about this attempt. It seems like the reader is starting in the middle of a series yet this is the first one (written by Locke) with these characters. I just don't get it. Obviously I should have started on another book where these characters are introduced but where and written by whom? What the heck?

It seems Kindle Worlds isn't reaching it's target audience of fanfiction readers (because guess what? we already have the AO3 and and Wattpad and LJ and a zillion other sites where we can read it for FREE). Worse still, the audience it does seem to be reaching are mainstream readers who are looking for what appears to be full-length completely developed novels, if the comments from above are anything to go by. And the majority of fanfiction does not have these elements - because we already know the characters, and we already know the setting and we already know their backstory. And we know how fanfiction works - we know that there can be one-shots and drabbles and that there will be no character development because the character is already developed and we just want to see them in this one situation, in this one instance, how do they act? What do they do? And that's why it seems like it's starting in the middle of a series because it fundamentally is - fanfiction readers are expected to know the canon inside and out so you don't need any of these other things. You already have them. That's the POINT.

So seems like we didn't have much to worry about after all. It's FanLib 2.0 - People Who Don't Understand Fanfic But Are Still Trying To Make Money Off Of It. And, like last time, they will fail again. Miserably.

The reason I brought this whole thing up anyway was because I was reading some articles from Cinema Journal and one of them "Should Fanfiction Be Free?" (Kosnik 2009) was arguing that perhaps we should get paid for our efforts, and that we should find a way to do it ourselves before an outsider actually makes an attempt that works. She compares this to what happened with the hip-hop community, where the same issues of copyright and derivative/transformative works were at stake and yet they still managed to monetize and commodify it and now it's a global money-making phenomenon, but the people who are making money are not those who were in the original community.

She sums her argument up thus:

If fans successfully professionalize and monetize fan fiction, the amateur culture of fic writing will not disappear. Professional and amateur versions of nearly every art and genre, from fiction to poetry, to painting to photography, to theater to filmmaking, coexist. Conventional wisdom holds that the best amateurs, after giving enough of their work away for free, prove that their output is worthy of payment. Although fans have legitimate anxieties about fan fiction being corrupted or deformed by its entry into the commercial sphere, I argue that there is far greater danger of this happening if fan fiction is not commodified by its own producers, but by parties foreign to fandom who do not understand why or for whom the genre works, and who will promote it for purposes it is unsuited for, ignoring the aspects that make it attractive and dear to its readers. FanLib was a failed attempt at co-optation, but unless fans seize their Sugarhill moment, another external force may succeed.

... group that publishes or archives fan fiction has (so
far) demonstrated a willingness to experiment with payment structures that could endow its contributors with what [Virginia] Woolf insisted are the material prerequisites of fiction writing. In the absence of such experimentation, women writing fanfic for free today risk institutionalizing a lack of compensation for all women that practice this art in the future. Woolf asked of her forebears, "What had our mothers been doing then that they had no wealth to leave us?" Will our generation answer that we have been giving our talents away as gifts, rather than insisting on the worth of our work?

(Potentially Unpopular Opinion: I personally think I would love to contribute to my favourite writers, perhaps as a donation, to let them know I appreciate and enjoyed their work. But something was mentioned in another article in the same journal and that was that putting a tangible monetary value on fanworks would potentially split the community up in even worse ways - fandom already has the makings of a popularity contest, and the last thing we would need would be a way to objectively measure that.)

But anyway! These are some thoughts I've been having ^^ anyone else have any thoughts about Kindle Worlds? Go check out some of the reviews on the stories posted, people are not happy, haha. Guess they just don't know what to expect :( And what about the whole money and fanworks debate? It's something I'd like to talk about, I wish there was a place we could go to discuss meta DX)

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Title: You Will Never Look At Me In That Way
Author: [personal profile] stygiansea 
Fandom: Twisted
Pairing(s): Danny/Jo (unrequited)
Rating: K
Length: 856 words
Warnings/Contains: Spoilers for 1x10
Summary: Jo deals with the knowledge that Danny will never want her like he wants Lacey.

Read it on AO3 | DW | LJ |

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Title: Nothing But Love
Author: [personal profile] stygiansea 
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing(s): ScottxStiles (implied)
Rating: T
Length: 1,084
Warnings/Contains: Spoilers for 3x06
Summary: Takes place after the events of "Motel California" (3x06). "Stiles has been there for him every step of the way, never doubting him. Stiles accepts him for who he is, whether he's unpopular-Scott-who-sucks-at-lacrosse, or Scott the Werewolf and Lacrosse Superstar. Even when no one else cared for him, even when no one else thought him important, Stiles was always there for him."

Read it on AO3 | DW | LJ |

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 Sooo I was reading a bit about race and fandom the other day.

Apparently there's lots of issues that I wasn't aware about, or am just now becoming aware about since I'm getting back into the swing of things.

One thing I did want to mention though was how excited I was to see poc characters in the newer TV shows I'm watching... Especially in Twisted, where two of the three main characters are not white; in Scandal (which I'm not watching yet, but it's starring a black female - plus I heard it's AMAZEBALLS), and then in Being Human and Ironside (which, according to my mother, is also a particularly interesting case of race-bending) which is coming out later...

I heard a lot that slash fans in particular don't tend to slash two guys if one is white and the other is black, even when they represent tropes that tend to be really popular (such as best friends, like Tony/Rhodey in Iron Man - in this case I've heard that there's more Tony/Jarvis, and Jarvis isn't even human - although personally I find that pairing quite intriguing, not so much for the fact that Jarvis is "assumed to be white" by fic writers, but that HE'S NOT HUMAN, HOW DOES ALL THAT WORK, I NEED TO READ THIS NOW)

But yeah. But oh! Being Human, in that show I think the non-human is the black guy. I hope it gets a sizeable fandom, so it'll be interesting for me. Honestly it'll be my first slash pairing with two non-white dudes as well (except for Sciles/Skittles/ScottxStiles in TW - apparently Scott is latino?? I suspected but it hasn't be confirmed by Word of God, but personally that hasn't stopped me from shipping them, and I wouldn't say Scott is white-passing, more like it didn't register in my mind because I like to believe I am SO color blind - besides, Scisaac is super pop, not everyone ships Sterek, so...)

I dunno! It's interesting, either way. As a black female I feel it's important for me to support my race/gender, which I'm trying to do... Guess fandom is just another way for me to do that :p this topic is interesting, I'm sure I'll revisit it in the future! ^^
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Sooo…. This episode of Teen Wolf seriously killed me.

Let’s see how coherently I can put my thoughts into words.



So the first thing I want to talk about is Scott. I feel like he doesn’t get enough love in this fandom L what with all the Stiles/Sterek feels going around. (I’ve actually been quite shocked at the amount of people who say they hate Scott or can’t stand him – I’m like, what?! How can you NOT like him HE’S SO FUCKING CUTE)

But the one thing that really struck me this episode was when Scott walked out of the guidance counselor’s office – he came out of there looking like he had the weight of a thousand words on his shoulders. I could feel the heaviness rolling off of him, and I just felt so sorry for him in that moment. Like I knew there was a whole bunch of shit going on, but I didn’t really understand the magnitude of the situation until then – I mean Scott’s still a child, and I know that I could never do half of what he’s doing at my age, so I can’t even imagine what he must be going through. Alpha packs, human sacrifices, the Darach, his friends and family in danger – and ON TOP OF THAT, normal every day high school things: trying to keep his grades up, trying to play lacrosse (haven’t seen much of that these past few episodes, now that I think about it – are they still on the team??? Lol), trying to graduate, navigating his first love. I mean, I could barely handle just those high school things, I have NO idea how Scott does it, he definitely deserves more love than he is getting.


The other person who is having a really hard time here is Stiles, and – again – I can see it all coming out this episode. It seems like this was just a breaking point for lots of people. But Stiles had a looot of shit going on this episode. I especially loved this little gem:

Is he looking at me? Are you threatening me? You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna break off an extra large branch of mountain ash, wrap it in wolfsbane, roll it in mistletoe, and shove it up your frickin--

Of course it was fucking hilarious, as usual – what has Stiles ever said that isn’t fucking hilarious – but more than that, I think it shows us how absolutely crazy all of this is driving him. On a deeper level, I was shocked and ?disturbed? scared that Stiles reacted the way he did. We’ve only ever seen him do it when he was really super stressed, but this outburst I think took it to a new level.

And then his interactions with his Dad??? Oh my FUCKING god, right in my feels. “Mom would’ve believed me.” First of all, I can NOT believe he said that. That was a new low, and you know he must have been extremely out of it to say such a thing. I would say it’s quite out of character for him. And then, on top of all of this, his dad gets taken? NOT TO MENTION THAT’S THE LAST THING HE SAYS TO HIM. Just this episode has not been good to a lot of people, but Scott and Stiles I think got it pretty bad.


Miss Lydia Martin is a banshee, everyone! Apparently everyone but me knew this, lol. It makes SO much sense after all that screaming – which I DID POINT OUT, lol, on multiple occasions. I told my sister several times “Lydia screaming is just a thing this season, she does it like every episode.” (She even OUTRIGHT SAYS IT to Aiden – “I’ll scream!”) Don’t know how that didn’t click, guess banshees just weren’t on my radar. I should’ve done my research ;)

I love how she finally took control of what she was, though. How she echoed Stiles’ exclamation that she is, indeed, something. That she’s psychic (in a sense). I love to see her accept that part of herself, and I hope we get to see more of it soon!


First, let me just say that Allison comin outta that bed was BAMF as all get out. Anyway, I do remember reading/hearing somewhere Jeff saying something about how Allison and Isaac’s relationship is going to blossom this semester, and I definitely saw that in this episode. I saw bits and pieces of it in previous episodes, but I think this just took it to a new level. Those little touches? The stolen glances? And Isaac following Allison when they’re in the school? A lot of people have been wailing about it, but I wouldn’t mind sailing this ship ;p


Called it.

That’s literally all I have to say about this. We knew – a LOT of us knew – that this was coming from the very beginning of episode 1 (yes, even those of us who don’t ship Sterek). I was sliiightly disappointed that the villain was the obvious choice, but I like evil!Jennifer – that smirk she gave was DAMN sexy – but I do tend to have a soft spot for villains. Can’t wait to see more of her :) I was sick of her goody-two-shoes love interest arc anyway (although she was completely suspicious lol).


I don’t even know what to say about him.

He just, has the WORST luck, and if I were him I would give up on love.

Or at least the female side of it. Things are noooot looking good for him. I can completely understand why he is the way he is. If I were him I probably would’ve killed myself by now in all honesty because that is just way too much tragedy and trauma for one person to go through.

Smaller Things! ^^

The Circle: Virgins, Warriors, Healers, Philosophers, Guardians. The sacrifices make sense now.

Omegas: Ethan and Aiden were omegas!!! Wooow, did nooot see that coming. This is interesting! I wonder if we’ll hear more about it~


Ok, I think that just about covers it! ^^ Yeah, mostly what I wanted to do was talk a bit about Scott and Stiles, because I seriously think they got it terribly bad rn (a case could be made for Derek, but he doesn’t actually know yet that his sweet lil honey boo boo is actually big bad evil Darach, so we’ll give him til next time for that XP)

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Tis been a few days since Currents was on, but I feel like splainin my thoughts on some stuffs, so DEAL WITH IT

I don't rly member what happened cuz it's been a few days and I was terribly distracted by the Internet and paying more attention to everyone's reactions on Tumblr instead of watching the damn show so BEAR WITH ME PLZ


  • Stiles & Danny
    • This scene ABSOLUTELY KILLED ME. It was hilarious. I can't. Just any scene with Stiles in it being hilariously drop-dead gorgeous is going to get me. Which brings me to...
  • Stiles & Lydia
    • Again, Stiles' hilarity killing me. I freaking love Lydia, and I love how she and Stiles work together. Lydia has some super psychic shit going on (and I can't help but feeling that that tree she drew was actually really important) and I can't wait to find out what it is. Until then, I am more than happy to watch her and Stiles interact with each other some more :3
  • Stiles & Scott
    • As much as he cracks me up, Stiles can tear me up as well. His comic scenes and dramatic scenes are both played so well. When Scott asked him to tell the sheriff, I could feel his anguish at the thought of putting his father in danger.
    • omgstilesilubb
  • Scott & Isaac
    • They were just really super cute :3 especially Isaac ("I may have been on watch last")
  • Scott & Allison
    • In the closet?
    • #somethingcameup
    • LOL
  • True Alpha
    • FINALLY!!! I've been waiting for this moment ever since Scott's eyes first flashed red. I knew it was in him, I was just wondering when exactly he was going to realize it for himself, and I'm so excited he has!! Can't wait to see where this leads~
  • Tell The Sheriff
    • It's about damn time!
    • Copypasta'd from a comment I somewhar: "I absolutely LOVE the fact that the parents are so involved in this show, and they know stuff, and they show up and DO shit like going to parent teacher conferences and showing up every once in a while to make sure their kid's okay :D so yeah, I just want the sheriff to know."
  • Derek
    • I dunno, he wasn't really the focus of this episode for me.
    • I did feel bad for him in the end, though, when he got Boyd dropped onto his claws :(
    • dat was sad.
  • Derek's Sister
    • I still don't even know her name.
    • That's really bad, isn't it?
  • Jennifer
    • meh :/
    • Haley Webb is awesome tho

  • Scott vs. The Duke (is that what we're calling him now?)
    • I feel like this was important plot-wise
    • I know they got into some kind of altercation and Scott epic failed
    • maybe I should pay more attention next time
  • Epic Ending Fight Scene
    • yeaahhh... wasn't that epic for me?
  • Boyd's Death
    • I wasn't that attached to him ever, and I was kind of surprised at the fandom response for his death, but maybe that's cuz I'm just getting into it technically
    • Was also kind of disappointed... b/c I expected someone "important" to die that's really bad, isn't it?
    • Ftr, he didn't have much backstory, so it probably isn't that surprising that I wasn't attached to him... and I guess that made him easier to kill off?
    • Still, it was really fucked up that they basically dropped him on Derek's claws :( that was not cool, man

  • Mountain Ash Circle
That is all.

Until next time! ^^
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Ohai, here's just this fanfic that I wrote today XP

Scott/Stiles friendship? (b)romance? whatever it is, there's most def hurt/comfort and a very heartfelt "I love you, man"

enjoy! ^^

Nothing But Love over on AO3

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(x-post from Tumblr; may expand on my thoughts later, but probably not, I'm too lazy :p)

Sooo I always kind of felt left out for shipping Scott/Stiles instead of Sterek (as a Drarry shipper, I’ve kind of gotten used to having the most popular OTP, so this is new territory for me), but looking through Tumblr after Motel California, Sterek fans seem kind of… intense. o.o;

Since I don’t ship Sterek (ah, that’s so hard to admit!), I didn’t have any problems with him “getting with" Jennifer, as in I didn’t feel affronted/betrayed/whatever. However, as someone who doesn’t ship Sterek I sitll find the Dennifer/Jenerek relationship a bit unbelievable. First of all, they’ve known each other for like a week -_-. Derek has a history of being unable to trust people, and now all of a sudden he’s put his trust and faith in this random woman that he’s met like twice? Or maybe she isn’t just random - why did Derek go to her in the first place? Why didn’t he call Scott or anyone else?

Their whole relationship did seem quite “generic" to me (which is why I don’t mind/actually prefer using Jenerek even though I’m not necessarily hating on them). Like, “quick find Derek a love interest now!" There was no development of emotion, no gaining of trust, before they hopped in the sack together to go for a roll in the hay. Which is fine in and of itself, but to me personally it makes their relationship a bit less believable.

I’ve seen some interesting theories, such as Jennifer is an Alpha plant, and someone mentioned how Derek’s healing sped up because of increased blood flow due to the sex, and I wonder if he wasn’t just using Jennifer to heal himself?

Iono… it all seems very interesting to me.

Also watching how upset all the Sterek shippers are getting is really interesting as well. As a Drarry shipper, I had to get used to the fact that my OTP would never become cannon, no matter how much I wished it. As a slash fan, you live fandom with the knowledge that you are outside of cannon, and you’re okay with that. Now I know that Teen Wolf offers a lot more opportunity for your OTP to become canon, way more than any other show I’ve seen, but the Sterek fans acting entitled, like they deserve to have their ship become canon, like Jeff Davis owes them something, is frankly surprising and quite immature (especially those fans who plan to boycott the show because Sterek isn’t canon??? come ooon, you guys, grow uuuuup). Scott/Stiles has way more of a fighting chance becoming canon (with Scallison broken up, and Stiles offering to die with Scott because they’re brothers… sigh!) but I don’t see Sciles fans up in arms about how they’re ship is getting sunk… (…though maybe that’s cuz there’s not very many of us >.>;; I need more friends)

So yeah… Just some thoughts I had scrolling through these tags :p

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Somehow, I knew this already... I was just hoping it wasn't twoo... ;-;

You are a Chibi Seme

You are the seme in disguise. Able to fit in and get along with uke and seme alike, you are able to get close to the uke on their level before exerting your dominance. This makes you at times manipulative and able to fool others about your true seme nature. Because of your harmless appearance, it takes the flamboyant Flaming Uke to match wits and really bring out your aggressive side to expose you for the seme that you are.

Most compatible with: Flaming Uke, Badass Uke

Least compatible with: Dramatic Uke

UPDATE!! 2/17/2014

You are a Innocent Uke!
Cute and sweet, and most gentle of all uke, whips and chains are not for you - you just want someone to love you. You are often spotted in candy shops wearing furry kitty ears, where you are sure to be noticed by the Romantic Seme, whose protective instincts will kick in and will only want to take you home and love and protect you. And you, of course, will be more than happy to spend the rest of your life baking cookies for your seme.

Most compatible with: Romantic Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or get yaoi merchandise..


Jun. 26th, 2013 03:01 am
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Woot! So I started roleplaying today :D

I did what they advised and took a day to sit back and watch the community I'd joined so I could see what's going on and how to go about doing everything, but I guess I just couldn't wait to start so I just jumped right in ^^;

I did create a character journal, but I haven't posted anything in it yet. I think that'll be my next step, probably tomorrow; putting in character info as well as a kink pref list.

But anyway, hopefully someone replies!! And by tomorrow, I'll have someone to RP with :)


Jun. 25th, 2013 09:45 am
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Sooo, I think I'm starting to get into PBPRP, but I'm not exactly sure...

I'm really interested in playing and trying it out, but as with everything else in life, I'm extremely unsure of myself because I've never done this before and I don't know how it works >.<

Luckily! I found a wonderful resource that's basically a how-to guide for beginning RPers... I'm finding some solace in just sitting back and reading that before I jump head first into everything and make a gigantic ass of myself XP

It's alright for me to wait, anyway. I'll be on the road all day anyway, so jumping right in is probably noooot the best idea to begin with ^^;

We'll see how it goes! Plus there's that fanfic I gotta finish.
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So today I finally got off my ass and decided to start working on that one-shot that I've been thinking about for months.

I feel like it's gonna be crappy, which is why I don't want to write it, but I do know that there's no way I'll ever get better at any of this stuff if I don't write :(((

I'm avoiding the insatiable urge to jump into all the kink memes and big bangs - it's all so bright and shiny and new and oh so very interesting! - but I know right now that even though I'm so very interested in participating, I'll chicken out at the last minute because I'll think I don't have enough experience.

Hopefully this will help me get rid of some of that. And besides, all of these things will come back around next year :) and hopefully by then I'll have enough confidence in myself to go into them with as much excitement as everyone else!

I read somewhere that you can't really get the full gist of fandom by just reading - you gotta be behind the scenes, writing those stories. And that's where I want to be.

This smutty little one shot (yeah, my first story and it's already diverged to sex -_- oh my brains) is based off of an experience I had with my ex, where I was sick in the bed with flu and he came to visit to me :p In real life, he brought me food and read me a story and took a nap with me for a while, which was how I was going to write it, but it seems my OTP is too sexual for all that cute fluffiness >.<

Now, OTOH, I was also wanting to write the same story for my OUAT OTP, Rumbelle, and in that case I might make it a bit fluffier. I have issues at the moment seeing them as a sexual couple (IT'S THE SHOW I SWARE) but perhaps that's because I haven't been in the fandom long enough for the fanon to take over my brains :p

Anyway! I'm happy I've at least started it :) hopefully I can finish it, get it betaed, and post it soon! I'm thinking to post it on FFnet first b/c I don't think I'm very good and I would have to grace the wondrous archives of a place like Ao3 with this shit but who knows~
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This is always, ALWAYS a bad idea.

Every time I'm heavily into fandom, I end up losing lots of sleep, among other things.

Rationally, my brain knows that the Internet is not going anywhere, that all of these wonderful, lovely, beautiful posts have been here for *years* and will *continue* to be here for years, and so there's really no need for me to stay up at all hours of the night cramming everything I can into my mind at once, because I could totally just do it tomorrow.

Doesn't help that I have to get up in about two hours and drive for about two hours to take my sister to school. Ugh.

I'm already dead.

It's just... the meta! Soooo interesting!! And the wank, and all the wonderful little things that have developed in fandom since I've been out of it (such as the omegaverse?!) that I didn't know about, and I just want to learn all about it as much as I can right the fuck nooowwww....

(In all honesty, this is all really just an extremely lame excuse for me not to have to try my hand at writing fanfiction again. I'm terribly afraid of failure, and I'd rather just avoid that than not even try. But that's no good, now, is it? XP)

Maybe one day. Hopefully someday soon.

Off to bed! *-*/ oh god, I'm dreading the morrow... the sun's already rising o.o; *panic!*
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Why hello there world!! :D

Recently I have been terribly addicted to this wonderful show called Once Upon A Time, and it has made me realize that I desperately need to get back into fandom.

Along with this I have developed an unhealthy obsession with Loki as well as Pretty Little Liars.

I always wondered how I was going to make the 'transition' into media fandom like a normal adult (lol) but I guess it happened while I wasn't looking! ^^

I wanted to get back into fandom, but all the places (read: LJ) that I used to go to have died :( I remember searching on Google a while back "what happened to lj?" but I could never find it (today I read a TON of articles going on four hours and finally got the gist of what happened), nor could I understand why suddenly everyone seemed to be on Tumblr. (Tumblr is nice, and I love that there's finally an image-based platform, but from what I've seen it's difficult to have lengthy discussions, and doesn't seem to be the best place to house fanfiction.)

But I got it now, and as much as I miss LJ I guess this is just the way the world works :) So! After spending a painstaking half hour trying to decide a new handle, I signed up for accounts on here and AO3, ready to take the plunge~

Hopefully I'll be more active now than I was five years ago! I miss the community, and I'm hoping to get that back in some sense~


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